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Heroin (Lou Reed 1967)

Testo inglese HeroinI don’t know just where I’m going But I’m goin’ to try for the kingdom if I can ‘Cause it makes me feel like I’m a man When I put a spike into my vein Then I tell you things aren’t quite the sameWhen I’m rushing on my run And I feel just […]

Leggero (Luciano Ligabue 1996)

Ci son macchine nascoste e, però, nascoste male e le vedi dondolare al ritmo di chi è li dentro per potersi consolare godendo sui clacson. Fra i fantasmi di Elvis ci son nuvole in certe camere e meno ombrelli di quel che pensi. Lo sapete cos’ha in testa il mago Walter quando il trucco gli […]

Cigarettes and alcohol (Oasis 1994)

Testo inglese Is it my imagination Or have I finally found something worth living for? I was looking for some action But all I found was cigarettes and alcoholYou could wait for a lifetime To spend your days in the sunshine You might as well do the white line ‘Cause when it comes on top […]

Down in a hole (Alice in Chains 1993)

Testo Inglese Down in a hole Bury Me Softly In This Womb I Give This Part Of Me For You Sand Rains Down And Here I Sit Holding Rare Flowers In A Tomb…..In BloomDown In A Hole And I Don’t Know If I Can Be Saved See My Heart I Decorate It Like A Grave […]

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